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Top 8 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchens are the most popular target for American household renovations, and a new kitchen can be a fantastic boon when it comes to your day to day life, home value, and resale prospects. But while you’re dreaming of new countertops, wood floors, and paint options, don’t neglect to avoid the following eight kitchen remodeling errors.

Poor Flow

The WORK TRIANGLE in the kitchen is the space between the stove, the sink, and refrigerator. It’s (probably) a very small space, but one that you’ll be bouncing back and forth between on a daily if not hourly basis.

Because these short routes are used so frequently for food preparation, you want to make absolutely sure that you don’t block the space with appliances, cabinets, trash cans, or even a kitchen island. And you want to make sure that each station located between four to eight feet apart; no more, no less.

Inadequate Ventilation

Kitchen flow impacts more than just how easy it is for residents to move around in the space. It also affects the movement of air and odor in the space. If your kitchen is closed off with no airflow the air will get stale and smells will stick around, long after you want them too.

Keep in mind that oven hoods, which can absolutely compliment your kitchen design aesthetically, work well to remove stale odors, smoke, heat, and humidity to help keep your kitchen fresh and comfortable.

Overlooked Door and Drawer Clearances

When designed properly, all doors and drawers should open without interference. If two cabinets, or a drawer and a cabinet, can’t both be opened at the same time because they’ll hit each other, you have a problem that goes back to poor planning and measuring.

 The same goes for appliance doors that may smack into things as they swing. This will cause damage over time, and it’s terribly inconvenient and unprofessional as well. Sure, you could just try to live with it—but why not do it right instead?

Missing or Poorly Placed Electrical Outlets

If you don’t have enough outlets, you’re going to have a bad time. From mixers to toasters to cell phones and more, the kitchen is a hub for devices and the last thing you want is stray power cords crisscrossing and cluttering your counter space.

Eyesore Trash Cans

Plan ahead when it comes to your trash receptacle. Either set aside a convenient, designated place for a large trash can in a coordinating color or finish, or choose soft-close pullout trash cabinets that can disguise and hide your trash instead.

Poor Lighting Design

Bad lighting can make a kitchen look dark and dank if there isn’t enough light, or sterile and stark if the lighting isn’t positioned and designed correctly. Kitchens should have overhead lighting, spot lighting, and accent lighting (all in the correct hue and intensities, using LEDs for longevity and energy efficiency) in order to give you good, comfortable visibility that’s adjustable for different daily tasks.

And definitely consider going above and beyond with under-cabinet lighting to show off your backsplash and countertop material, as well as pendant or track lighting options.

Insufficient Storage

Plan ahead! Don’t stumble into a kitchen that can’t fit everything you need it too, or that doesn’t let put things where you need to put them. This is a recipe for countertop clutter or accessory-creep as you add in mismatched freestanding cabinetry to make up the difference.

Instead, plan ahead and pay attention to alternative cabinet designs that feature open drawers or shelves ideal for small appliances, dish or bowl storage, spice storage, and much more.

You can also maximize your space efficiency by building cabinets up all the way to the ceiling or including some decorative and functional open shelving.

Shopping for Price, rather than Quality

It’s true that remodeling is expensive. Between countertops, cabinetry, backsplashes, appliances and flooring, it all adds up. But keep in mind that kitchens face an astonishing level of daily wear and tear, and low-quality materials (while they might be cheaper) won’t look as good and won’t hold up as long as higher quality options.

That said, there are plenty of ways to avoid breaking the bank while still ending up with a high quality kitchen that’s worth showing off, and more than ready for years of comfortable, convenient, and stylish service.

Contact Amber Valley Today!

If you’re ready to explore remodeling your Grand Rapids Michigan kitchen, give Amber Valley Construction a call. Our expert kitchen remodeling team can help you decide on the best options for you with high quality craftsmanship, fair and reasonable pricing, and the best customer service available.

Trust us, take the leap and invest in yourself and your home. Your dream kitchen is closer than you might think!

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