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Top Home Renovations for Empty Nesters

Bathroom Remodeling

Children are astonishing and taking care of them fills up what feels like an entire lifetime. But once the kids are grown and out of the house their parents might just discover a new chapter waiting for them and a chance to pursue new priorities and enjoy some newfound freedom.

For many, watching the last of their children move out is the perfect chance to downsize, collecting their nest egg and transitioning into a smaller and more manageable home better suited to their lifestyle. But the family home has a strong hold on many, and this latter group would much rather invest in upgrades and remodel than pack up and move somewhere new.

These empty nest home renovations frequently include:

New Flooring and Carpet

Kids (and teenagers) are hard on flooring, and even if the existing surfaces are usable it might be worthwhile to invest in finer materials like mosaic tile or hardwood. Fresh carpet can also contribute to improvement in air quality, and can help give rooms an entirely new color profile and feel while also providing better traction underfoot.

Bedroom Renovations

The kids are gone so why not take an empty bedroom and remake it into a useful and modern space? The rooms can be completely remodeled and refurnished to serve as a guest bedroom, or remade as a nursery for the grandkids, home office, gym, sewing room, or some other hobby space.

First Floor Living

If an empty nester decides to stay in the family home for the long haul, it may mean that certain changes are going to have to be made to help the individual and their spouse continue to live comfortably for decades to come, despite increasing age and a decrease in physical ability. First floor living reduces or eliminates the reliance of the residents on stairs, which can be a major cause of household accidents among the elderly.

By placing the laundry, kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath on the main floor the homeowners can continue to go about their daily life for years after they might otherwise need to move to an assisted living facility or other accommodations.

Universal Design Features

Universal design is an approach to building that strives to make spaces as accessible and comfortable as possible to the widest variety of people possible, including those with physical limitations like low strength, poor eyesight, or the use of wheelchairs or walkers. By including Universal design features in a home remodeling project, the home becomes far safer and more accessible to the homeowners as they age. The improvements can even improve home value.

These features may include no-step entryways, wide doors and hallways, lighting design, bathroom grab bars, lever door handles, and quite a bit more.

Luxury Touches

What’s the point of saving up if you never get to enjoy it? Remodeling after the kids leave gives homeowners the perfect opportunity invest in an idyllic spa bathroom or luxury kitchen appliances. Natural materials like marble or granite are popular, as are stainless steel appliances. And these renovations are particularly valuable as they can have a very positive influence on the home’s eventual sale value and market desirability.

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