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What To Do After A House Fire

House fires are more common in West Michigan and the Greater Grand Rapids Area than you might think, and when they strike it’s natural to feel devastated, confused, and lost. Your home may be damaged or outright destroyed, possessions lost, and your life thrown into confusion.

But there is a roadmap back to normalcy after the fire department leaves and the flames clear, and this is where you should start.

First, Call Us

Smoke and water will continue to damage your home and possessions minute by minute until they are dealt with. Getting a fire damage restoration team on-site as soon as possible means that we can start preserving materials from your home and taking whatever steps are needed to minimize the damage, just as soon as the site is declared safe to enter. We’ll also be able to kick off the restoration process early, fast-tracking a plan to complete your home restoration as quickly as possible.

Contact Your Insurance Company

While a home fire natural leaves you, the homeowner, overwhelmed, your insurance agent has probably seen it all before. They’ll be able to give you next steps and help you navigate your fire damage claims correctly to avoid problems down the line. This is their job, so use them.

Contact Your Utilities

Your electric, gas, water providers should be informed of the fire quickly. They’ll shut down the utilities from their end and may also have hardship programs to help ease your financial obligations until your home is restored.


  • Once it’s safe to enter, document the damage with photographs and notes for insurance purposes.
  • Remove your undamaged valuables.
  • Call work and school and let them know you’ll be absent due to an emergency.
  • Contact your doctor to have any needed medications replaced.
  • Notify the post office to hold or forward your mail.
  • Begin replacing any lost important documents such as passports, driver’s license, birth/death/marriage certificates, social security card, tax documents, or vehicle registration.
  • Find a place for you and your family to sleep, whether with friends, family, or in a hotel.

Now is the Time!

When the embers are cooling and the last of the smoke is blowing away, every minute counts. The quicker you move to start the home restoration processes the better our team will be able to manage the damage and preserve your home’s structure and your belongings.

If you need fire restoration services in the Greater Grand Rapids area of West Michigan, contact Amber Valley Construction today!

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