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When is the Best Time of Year to Replace a Roof in West Michigan?

No matter who you are or where you live, each day your roof gets a little bit older. And with the average roof life-expectancy between 20 and 25 years here in Michigan, it may be time to start planning ahead for the next roof that will keep your home safe and dry.

The Best Season To Replace a Roof In West Michigan

Roofing season in Michigan runs from Spring to Fall, or roughly from March through October. This is the period where roofs are clear of snow and ice and the weather is favorable both for your roofers and for the materials we’ll be using.

But early Autumn, right as the leaves begin to turn, is a particularly nice season for roofing work because temperatures tend to vary less from day to night, even if it might rain a little more than during the height of summer. This lower temperature variation allows our team to cut shingles accurately and easily and wrap up the work with the fewest possible issues.

Winter Roof Installations

There are always exceptional situations where a replacement roofing project sneaks up on you, whether because of storm damage, roof failure, or some other minor emergency. And when those situations crop up, the best time for you get your roof replaced is ASAP.

If you don’t, leaks, spreading water, and mold can do startling damage your home’s structure, your attic and insulation, and even the ceilings and walls of your upper rooms. And, years into the future when you are ready to sell, any traces of this old moisture damage can be a major issue.

But while we can and do replace roofs during any season of the year, including the depths of a West Michigan winter, cold weather roofing is not ideal and should be avoided whenever possible.


  • In order to install a new roof, we need a substrate surface that is completely free of rain, snow, and ice, which means your roof will need to be dried and weather will need to be favorable.
  • Icy, slippery surfaces are more dangerous to work on, forcing us to take our time and work more carefully. This will slow the process down.
  • Ice and cold temperatures can mess with our equipment, especially our air compressors and nail guns, making it harder to do quality work.
  • If the self-sealing adhesive in the shingles doesn’t activate because of the cold, the team will have to manually fix each shingle as they go, which adds extra work and time to the equation.

As we said, roofs can be replaced in the winter when there is need, and there are situations where that is absolutely the best option for a homeowner. But the process of winter roofing is a longer, more difficult, less safe, and ultimately more expensive than the same project scheduled out for the spring, summer, or fall.

Always Plan Ahead

Because the warmer seasons are the better option for roofing work, they also tend to be very competitive for roofing teams. So, if you know you have a need for a new roof next year or the year after that, it’s best to schedule your project as far out as possible to make sure that you have a spot when you need it.

And don’t procrastinate! While roofs are sometimes damaged by storms, more often roofs fail because they are neglected and kept for a year or several after they should have been replaced. And procrastinating with an aged, deteriorating roof is a dangerous game to play.

Not Sure Where You Stand?

A lot of different factors contribute to a roof’s real-world life expectancy, ranging from the tile’s construction and quality to your home’s pitch, ventilation, local weather conditions, and physical damage.

Fortunately, even if you aren’t sure how old your roof is or it’s condition, there are plenty of professionals (like us!) available to evaluate it for you and help you schedule out your next West Michigan roof replacement if needed.

About Amber Valley Construction

We are a locally owned and operated West Michigan home contractor serving Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities. As a team of experienced roofing professionals, home contractors, and a small business, we understand the stress, confusion, and lack of clarity that often comes with home improvement and remodeling work, including roof replacements.

That’s why we are 100% committed to providing excellent customer service, transparent communication and pricing, and the best possible craftsmanship in all our work.

To learn more about us please check our website, read our reviews and testimonials, and consider reaching out today to tell us about your roof or any other home remodeling or restoration needs you may have.

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