When It Is Time To Start Over
Whole House Remodel Grand Rapids

Sometimes, to Love Your Home, You Need to Start Over

Here in West Michigan construction prices are high, and building a new home might just not be an option. But what if you love where you live, but your house just doesn’t work for you anymore?

If this is you, renovating or remodeling your entire home may be the right option. With the right team and a great plan you can give your house the function, utility, and style you’ve been looking for without the difficulty of moving, changing your address, or the costs of selling a home.

From Grand Rapids to the Lakeshore and all over West Michigan, Amber Valley assists homeowners with whole house renovations to give them a space they can truly love and call home. These whole house remodels include more than 50% of the home in the remodeling process, and generally also include:

Kitchen Remodeling
Basement Remodeling
Finishing Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Additions
Bedroom or Master Suite Additions
Exterior Remodeling / Porches or Decks
Space Reconfiguration / Moving Walls

Sometimes, to Love Your Home, You Need to Start Over

As a local West Michigan general contractor, we specialize in both service and process. At the end of your project, when it’s all swept up and ready to live in, we want you really love your home. We even want to make it so you enjoy the remodeling process, so we map out what is most important to our clients through our unique Client-Driven Solutions.

What are your priorities during your remodeling project? How can we best work around you? How can we keep you as comfortable as possible as your home is transformed?

By taking the time to access your needs we make sure your expectations are fully met. We review all the aspects of the project that impact the budget so that you can make informed decisions. We keep open lines of communication throughout the project so that you stay involved. And we always deliver a high quality finished product.

If you are interested in a conversation about a whole house remodel for your home, click HERE to start the conversation.