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Why Are There Bugs In Your House And What Can You Do About It?

From time to time we all spot stray spiders in the corners of our basement or fruit flies that hitched a ride in from the farmer’s market. But dealing with constant sightings or swarms isn’t normal, and you shouldn’t have to just live with it no matter the age of the structure or the seasonal conditions outside. After all, your home should be a place where you can relax, creepy-crawly free.

So, why might there be too many bugs getting into your home, and what can you do about it?

#1. Seal and Insulate

Gaps around doors or window frames or tears in window screens provide a perfect entrance for a steady stream of invaders into your home. These gaps can be absolutely tiny, but then again, so are the bugs using them.

To stem the tide search out any and all nooks and cracks where bugs can get in and patch them using caulk. You might also want to replace your windows or doors if they are worn out, and replace any weather-stripping around your main doors. You can also call Amber Valley Construction for expert handyman service whenever you have need. We’ll patch up your property to block the bugs and keep the drafts out too, saving you some money on your heating and cooling bills.

#2. De-Humidify

Just like human beings, bugs need water to survive. And many of the most problematic creatures prefer damp environments. If you’re seeing hose centipedes or silverfish you may have an appliance leak, damaged roof, or humidity issue in your basement.

Depending on the problem some home repairs and/or the use of a dehumidifier should cut down on the infestation. And if you discover any mold growth or siding, roofing, or structural damage consider calling Amber Valley Construction for fast mold remediation and home restoration services.

#3. Keep It Clean

Along with water, bugs need food. Sweep up any and all crumbs, clean out sinks and drains, and keep food in sealed containers. Even skin cells can add to the problem, so vacuum, sweep, dust, and make it a habit to keep all home areas clean and clear.

#4. Spray

Cheap commercial bug barriers can block insects outside and inside the home along surfaces like baseboards, window frames, and door frames. While these lines can sometime wear out faster in inclement weather, many advertise 12 month protection and can be a fantastic and instant solution for ongoing ant, spider, or earwig infestations.

For handyman and home repair services right here in Grand Rapids Michigan, contact Amber Valley Construction today!

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