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Why You Should Consider a Whole Home Remodel

Do you live in an older home, or have you recently moved into a fixer-upper?  Whole house remodeling could be your ticket to a brand new space that looks, feels, and works the way you want it to, reflecting your personality and style and meeting your needs.

And you won’t have to change your address!

Advantages of a Whole House Remodel


Remodeling one or two rooms in your home at a time with breaks in the middle can lead to a disjointed final product, with seams and disconnects between the different project areas. Remodeling the whole house all at once eliminates this problem, delivering a consistent upgrade across the entire structure, inside and out.

Project Length, One and Done!

Remodeling an entire house isn’t a fast project. But it is a single project with a start and finish date. Piecemeal remodeling often stretches on for years if not decades, with constant inconveniences and (often) a ballooning budget.

Disadvantages of Whole House Remodeling


Whole house remodeling is a severe inconvenience to anyone living in the structure. The laundry room, bathrooms, kitchen space, and bedrooms will be out of service at one point or another, and you may need to get creative and rotate spaces in order to keep up your normal routine. There may also be periods where you’ll need to leave the home completely, so consider taking a vacation or camping trip if possible and make the best of it!


Spacing projects out can soften the impact of your remodeling efforts. Doing all the work at once is a much larger investment (with a much larger and more immediate result), and the final figure can come with some sticker shock.

Why Amber Valley Construction?

West Michigan home remodeling projects are complex and extremely involved. They involve extensive design work and planning, permitting, demo, and the actual construction and finishing work plus a thousand other fine details that you may never have thought of.

But our team has thought of them. We have the years of experience and remodeling expertise necessary to guide you through the process, delivering a modern, final, and finished home that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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